The Carlsberg awards..

At the end of each successful season we feel it important to recognise the hard work and dedication our staff have shown throughout the year. This year we had a tough job on our hands with deciding 2 key members of the Carlsberg team that have been shining stars!!!

Not only have we acquired new team members but we now have an impressive Liverpool and London team working on the LFC and AFC accounts, so a tough job for us to decide.

The awards were as follows:
1) Outstanding Achievement for Carlsberg Hostess Award and
2) Probably the best Carlsberg Lounge Hostess Award

So lets get to the good bit, drum roll please....

Outstanding Achievement Award for Carlsberg Hostess

And the winner is.......Sophie Parry!!For commitment and consistency to the project.

Sophie has worked on the Carlsberg contract since the beginning and I have never doubted her ability, nor her enthusiasm for the events. Even though there have been lots of different guests and different games, she has treated each guest with the same enthusiasm as she did the first time. Sophie is consistently mentioned by name in feedback from guests which shows how much of an impact she has on them. I hope that Sophie remains with the Carlsberg team for many years :)

Probably the Best Carlsberg Lounge hostess award

And the winner is ......Sam Moore!!For impeccable punctuality and a high level of service.

Sam has shown throughout the years that her standard of work has allowed us to introduce new members to the team, following her example and training them to a high standard. She has an unblemished sickness and punctuality record which doesn't go unnoticed and she always goes over and above on every event. Sam is also remembered and mentioned by guests alike, a credit to the team.

Well done to you all, it's a massive team effort and every single person is valued. Sophie and Sam recieved a special prize, in the form of a Liverpool One voucher. Here are the girls purchase's, we love them :)

Sam's Zara necklace

Sophie's Office shoes
What's Raising our Pulse's this week:
Pure and simply-our new website, we are still working away at it but we are v happy with the way its turned out, we hope you agree 


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