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They say it’s a man's world - Well not at Pulse Part 2

I guess the reason I chose to focus my Pulse blog post on working in an all female office, is because I'm surrounded by woman in work who possess and utilise the qualities to run a successful business and they do. The media on the other hand, seems to be painting a different picture. Most relevant to Pulse, is the debate on Grid Girls, Walk on Girls, Lead in Girls and Hostesses roles in sport and at charity events and whether they should be banned.

At Pulse, our PR and Hospitality Models work with a variety of big brands, becoming the face of their corporate/VIP hospitality and promotional activity. Our models (both male and female) are booked, not only because they look great but because of their personalities and customer service skills that bring brands to life. Our models love the work they do and take pride in doing an excellent job. The money they make is often used to subsidise their university education or other endeavours. 

Pulse certainly isn’t short of intelligent, determ…

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