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Model Booker Steph on The Pressures of Social Media

The pressures of social media can sometimes feel like you’re being repeatedly slapped in the face whilst suffocating under a pile of gorgeous insta-babes with the perfect peachy bum and a figure that you could only dream of. Am I right?
Based on the accounts I followed, I was constantly looking at people who: Were hotter than me.Were skinnier than me.Were happier than me.Were more stylish than me.Had the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend and relationship.Travelled the world for a living. Just generally had it all.  Like most people in modern day society, I was addicted. Addicted to my phone and addicted to Instagram, but for all of the wrong reasons. Of course my job at the time didn’t help, I was working in social media full time and so my eyes were permanently glued to a screen and my index finger was forever scrolling - repetitive strain much?! Basically, I spent near enough 14 hours a day looking at people who it seemed were just winning at life and I …well I just wasn’t. 
Anyway, it got t…

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